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Serving Michigan & Ohio for over 25 years!


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Our Vision.

K & B Asphalt wants to put our professional team to work for you creating the perfect solution for your home or business pavement needs. 

Our Solution.

We pledge to keep our customers satisfied by providing expert services with quality materials at a competitive price! 

Our Services.

From installing an asphalt driveway from scratch, to providing asphalt maintenance to keep your investment secure, K & B is the company to hire!

Asphalt Maintenance

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

Maintain your investment by applying hot rubber to the cracks throughout your asphalt.  K & B applies Right Pointe 3405 hot rubber to cracks larger than 1/4 inch.  By applying hot rubber you keep water out of the cracks, which helps preserve the further break up of the asphalt.  We provide overbanding and routing services.


K & B has experience crack filling various County roads throughout the State of Michigan as well as airports.


Your asphalt investment should be sealcoated every 2-3 years.  After the cracks have been filled with hot rubber, K & B uses commercial grade sealer combined with 3-5 pounds of sand and 3% Tarmax latex additive per gallon.  Our sealer can be applied by broom or spray.  Sealer should be applied when the weather is 55 degrees and rising.  All traffic needs to stay off of the asphalt for 24 hours while the sealer dries.


Making sure the striping on your lot is bright and crisp will help ensure the visibility of the parking stalls.  K & B uses Sherwin Williams Setfast paint when completing any new parking lot layout or restriping project.

Let K & B tackle all of your asphalt patching & paving needs!

K & B Asphalt Sealcoating, Inc. has specialized in asphalt maintenance for over 25 years.  In 2012, K & B purchased Osseo Asphalt to expand their company into the paving industry.  K & B Asphalt has continued to provide excellent service to all of their clients from the initial contact for a free estimate thru the completed job.  Give us a call today and put our professional team to work on your paving project!

Hot Asphalt Patching and Paving


K & B prides ourselves in providing top notch paving with our trained crew.  We can repair any size of patch throughout your pavement.  We are able to overlay your existing asphalt with a fresh layer of 1 1/2" of hot asphalt, rolled and compacted.  If you currently have a gravel driveway, or are looking to install a new driveway from scratch, our professional team will work with you every step of the way!



K & B Asphalt Sealcoating, Inc.


Main Office:

120 N. Main St, Unit A

Adrian, MI  49221



1451 Benner Hwy.
Clayton, MI  49235

Tel: 517-264-2541
Fax: 517-265-2568

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